Traditional Venezuelan Buns


Nenas Arepa Kitchen is here to bring you fresh arepas in the comfort of your home! Arepas (aˈɾepas) are Venezuelan street food made from a very unique type of corn flour that is hand shaped and griddled until a crispy golden hued bun is formed with a soft doughy masa interior. They're then stuffed with a variety of yummy things. Arepas are labor intensive, but we love arepas so much, we thought why not share it with everyone? We took the fuss out so you can enjoy them in your home!


Arepas are delicious, and so versatile. Sometimes we have them with peanut butter and bananas for breakfast, other times a fried egg. Whenever we need a quick lunch we throw in some roasted veggies and avocado or chicken salad! We'll even throw in a burger patty and pair it with sweet potatoes fries for a delicious dinner! Just follow the directions on the package and get ready for endless filling possibilites! What will you put in yours? Follow us on Instagram and start tagging! #showmeyourarepa

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